6 Misconceptions About Accounting Services for Small Businesses

Accounting For Small Business Owners.

Accounting can be confusing to small business entrepreneurs: these solved accounting services misconceptions could help your small business get started.

1. Accounting is full of boring people who love nothing better than a spreadsheet.

Accountants are People too not just robots.Accountants are people not robots. They like developing a relationship with clients and have other interests than just plugging in numbers. Also, with Cloud-Based accounting services like ALOEwerx, they use software like QuickBooksⓇ Online Self-Employed for bookeeping, not just spreadsheets.

2. Only big businesses need accounting

Any size business has to manage money, create budgets, and pay taxes, and an accountant can help with all of that. Small businesses can benefit in other ways too – like tracking expenses, or job costing to see how profitable each job is. From big to small, all businesses need accounting services. Even self-employed freelancers and independent contractors need help with their books and their taxes.

3. Accounting services just balance your books

At ALOEwerx we provide painless accounting services, meaning we cover all aspects of your accounting needs. We provide a CPA, accountant, and bookkeeper: we help you balance your books, manage your business finances, and both prepare and file your taxes. It’s an all-inclusive package, not just balancing your books. We make your accounting painless.

4. Accountants won’t understand my business and its needs

Accountants may specialize in a specific product industry or service giving them expertise into what a business needs. Using an online accounting service like ALOEwerx gives you access to a wide range of staff with experience across every type of business, so you can be sure you’ll have an accounting team that understands your business needs.

5. Accounting services are really expensive

Accounting services don't break the bank

If you go through a big accounting firm this could be the case, but this doesn’t have to be true. You can use a cloud based accounting service like ALOEwerx that only charges $35 a month or less and you still get the same high-quality service. Think about all of the other items you spend money on that cost more than $35.

6. I can grow my business without accounting services

This can be true but it might take awhile. With an online accounting service, you get an accurate understanding of your financial position at any moment. Your accounting team can track trends in your business and provide guidance on how to increase your bottom line. That means more money in your pocket – from just $35 per months.

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