CPA + Accountant + Bookkeeper
You may find other ‘bookkeepers’ online, but that’s all you’ll get. No CPA, no Accountant. And please note, bookkeepers are not licensed nor regulated in any state in the U.S. (it’s even worse in Canada and Asia.) Only ALOEwerx gives you a U.S.-licensed and registered CPA (your dedicated Account Manager) who oversees your Accountant and your Bookkeeper – from $35 per month.

Security Is Job 1
When you’re working in the cloud as we are, security is absolutely critical! That’s why we depend on our partnership with Intuit® – the world’s leading provider of accounting software (QuickBooks®) with more than 7 million customers. With QuickBooks, your financial data will be completely secure!

Beyond QuickBooks, our internal systems have been designed and built to guarantee your financial data is secure at all times. We have full audit trails, extensive alerts, dynamic 256-bit data encryption, and 128-bit secure connections to ensure your information is never at risk. Combine that with ongoing in-depth background checks and that we only hire the top 10% of U.S. based staff (your data never leaves the United States) plus the fact that ALL work is supervised by a licensed and registered CPA, and you can be assured you won’t find a more secure accounting services provider!

Close To Zero Effort For You
Sure, we need to get to know you and your business and set up your account, but after that we’ll keep your time spent on ‘painful’ accounting work to an absolute minimum; we do the work for you! On average, we expect to reduce your work from almost 2 hours per month to less than 2 hours per year! Now that’s what we call “Painless Accounting Services!”

Initial Setup & Consultation
Once you sign up, you’ll get an initial consultation with a licensed, registered Certified Public Accountant (CPA). They’ll talk with you about your specific business situation and needs, and then start assigning staff to do that ‘painful’ accounting work for you!

Monthly Bookkeeping
All your income and expense transactions will be recorded and, once a month, we’ll check that all your financial data is accurate, make any adjustments and ensure your accounts are clean and reconciled.

QuickBooks® Online [Optional]
If you’re not already, we can set you up with QuickBooks Online (QBO)  – at a 50% discount! We’ll help you connect your bank and credit card accounts to QBO and guide you on using the integrated smartphone app to track your invoices, mileage and much more!

Estimated Quarterly Taxes
Yes, as a small business owner – even if you’re self-employed – you have to pay estimated taxes every 3 months or so. Sorry, just IRS rules… But what’s important is to ensure you only pay the lowest possible amount: pay more and you’re giving the IRS your cash while getting no return nor interest; pay less and you can end up owing penalties and interest to the IRS because you didn’t pay on time. Don’t worry!! We’ll take care of calculating your estimated quarterly taxes for you – and we’ll help you file them!

Annual Business Tax Preparation
Because our team (and your books) will be up-to-date, we’ll save hundreds of dollars over taking your unorganized financial records to a local accounting firm when tax time comes around. No more tax organizers, end the tax season panic (and surprises), and never pay too much tax again!!

Help Desk
We know that from time-to-time you’ll have finance-related questions that go beyond monthly bookkeeping, estimated tax calculations, and annual tax preparation. That’s why we’ve got you covered with our always-available Help Desk. Just let us know any questions you may have – for example, lease vs buy of a new vehicle – and your dedicated ALOEwerx team will give you the best advice available in no time. You get an on-demand CPA and their team for no extra cost!

Lots Of Room To Grow
Do you have BIG plans for your business? Will you be hiring soon? Moving into new offices? No problem – we can help. Our experience includes working with small businesses and franchise systems around the country: no matter how big you get, nor what questions you have about the best way to financially grow your company, we’ve got your back. And because we use QuickBooks (and not some niche or home-grown accounting app), we can easily migrate your financial data to ever-more powerful versions!