Most online bookkeepers don’t include accountants and CPAs. Why do you?
Two reasons: our Accountants and CPAs provide double-checks and triple-checks of all work done by Bookkeepers to ensure your data is 1) secure and 2) accurate. Please note: Bookkeepers are not licensed nor registered in any state – trust us… they make mistakes. As a team, we don’t.

Why is it important that everyone works in the U.S. like your staff does?
Some firms are known to use staff based in the Philippines, India, and elsewhere. That’s not just a huge security risk (we always like to ask how you run a background check on someone in India!), it also means the staff is not up-to-date with U.S. and IRS rules and regulations. Even firms based in Canada operate under different rules and regs. Our advice – don’t risk it.

Where are you headquartered?
We are headquartered near Boulder, Colorado. Our address is:

2770 Arapahoe Road
Lafayette, CO 80026

How long have you been in business?
Our company has been providing accounting services to small businesses, franchise systems and CPAs since early 2013.

How can you offer such high-value services from just $35 per month?
It all comes down to how we deploy cloud technology to ensure our staff are highly efficient and accurate. By eliminating mistakes and streamlining the workflow, we are comfortably profitable at our ultra-low rates and have been ever since we opened for business.

What if I want to cancel my service?
Of course we hope you won’t cancel, but if you need to you can cancel at any time. We’ll complete our work through any period you’ve paid for.

Why QuickBooks®?
By most estimates, QuickBooks owns more than 90% of the U.S. Small business accounting software market. There are multiple versions to support your growth and there are extensive smartphone apps. Be careful of service providers with niche or home-grown software – they have limited functionality, maybe no smartphone apps, non-existent support from other service providers, and a painful & costly data migration path. Stick with QuickBooks.