How To Start Your Freelance Journey


Picture this: no more 9 to 5, no more commuting into the office every day, no more traffic on your drive to work, no more depressing working conditions, and you are in charge of yourself. This sounds nice, but starting a freelance practice isn’t quite this easy. It can be a difficult road and without anyone to bounce ideas off, you might find yourself stuck. Using this guide can make it a little simpler.

Do Some Homework

Don’t quit your day job quite yet, make sure you have a plan in place first.

Do research online about the specific industry you want to work in and find contacts that are already in the industry.

Find contact information for these people and network with them –  successful freelancers are happy to share their tips and tricks.

This works best if you find people in a different location so you aren’t their competition and they will be more willing to help.

Start looking for small bids that you could begin with. If possible, take one  small project while still at work so you can feel things out and understand the process. This homework might put a lot on your plate while you still are working full-time, but it will pay off in the long run.

Quality Over Quantity

When you’re a new solopreneur and working for clients, you need to make sure that you are putting 100% into every project.

The work you provide needs to be of high quality because these will be your base customers.

You can use their work in your freelance portfolio, use them as references, and they will tell others via word-of-mouth.

With this being said, don’t spread yourself too thin among many projects.

It might sound appetizing to have more jobs coming in the door, but if you take on too many your quality of work will start to suffer.

If you have lots of jobs and your quality is lacking, the short-term profits might prosper, but your long-term business will suffer.


Build A Website

Building a website can be key to the success of your freelance work.

The number one place people look for services is on the internet.

You could be missing out on a lot of business just because people can’t find you.

By creating a website, you allow people to find you and learn about your services.

A website is also a great place to house a portfolio of past work, link to social media pages, and create a blog to help you appear in more search results.

Choose ALOEwerx

Starting your freelance journey is challenging and can take a lot of commitment.

Why waste time struggling with your accounting when you can let ALOEwerx do it for you.

They can save you hours every month taking care of all your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs.

Remember what I said about stretching yourself too thin?

Here is a perfect way to give yourself extra time to deliver higher quality work.

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