How to Stay Motivated and Go to Work being Self-Employed.

Motivation is the key to success!!

Being self-employed, it can sometimes be difficult to find motivation. Especially when your kids are home from school or your significant other has a day off. These 8 tips will help you stay motivated and focused to get your work done.

1. Find an office away from home

Whether this be a local coffee shop or a table at the library it is key to have a spot away from home to eliminate distractions. A home office can be useful, but on days when others are home it can be very demotivating. This is why it’s good to have a second space you can go and get work done.

2. Have a routine

The human body functions on routine and without one you will struggle to get any work done. Have a routine in place and stick to that routine even when others are home. Keeping to a routine will allow you to stay focused and get work done.

3. Set goals

You need to set goals for your self-employed business to keep up motivation and work towards something. Set a major goal  something that will take awhile to get to but still attainable within 3 months. Write this goal down and list some middle goals that you will need to accomplish to reach that major goal. Having direction and a goal can help you stay focused and not get lost in all of your work.

4. To-Do list

to-do lists can help motivationSometimes one of the hardest things to do is knowing where to start. You have too much on your plate so you end up losing motivation. Making a to-do list can help organize your day and list tasks that need to be done. If you can check off items on your list you will be more productive and give you some direction as to a starting point.

5. 5 minute work

If you still are having trouble focusing and finding a place to start, you can do 5 minute work. This is a task that will take 5 minutes or less to do that can get you engaged and maybe stimulate some thought into other tasks.

6. 90 minute mark

Studies have shown that you can only focus on something for 90 minutes and after that your brain starts losing interest. This means you should break up your working hours, carve out 90 minute blocks where you will not be distracted and can focus. You will get more work done in a few 90 minute blocks than sitting at a desk for eight straight hours.

7. Read 30 minutes a day

Reading can stimulate your brain and spark new ideas. Read a book that will inspire you or help you achieve your goal. Even news articles can help spark ideas and direction for your business. Open your imaginative mind while reading to help keep you focused while doing work. This can be a great activity to split up your 90 minute time slots while still bettering yourself.

8. Set rewards

If all-else seems to be failing you for motivation, some external rewarding might do the trick. If you set rewards for yourself say when meeting a goal it can help drive motivation to reach those goals. Don’t be afraid of rewarding yourself, after all you are your own boss.

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